Our trained Aesthetician offers an array of skin care services. As follows is a list of those services
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Basic Facial
An analysis, deep skin cleansing, exfoliation, masque, tone and moisturizing.
60 minutes......$40

Classic Calming Facial
Customizing the basic facial along with the addition of extractions and massage.
90 minutes......$50

Acne Clearing Facial
Designed for individuals with increased skin congestion with active acne and visible breakouts. Includes customized targeting of blackheads (comedones) and white heads (milia) along with inflamed acne.
90 minutes......$55

Surface Peels (chemical exfoliation)
A process used to retexture and smooth skin tone, reduce brown spots, brighten skin and treat acne by accelerating the natural process of skin cell turn-over. Peels may produce mild redness the day of the procedure followed by light flaking for 3 to 6 days. A series of treatments may be recommended to obtain desired results. A consultation is recommended to determine which chemical peel is best for your needs.
60 minutes......$80

Body Treatments
An excellent treatment that will help detoxify and stimulate the skin along with hydrating the body and improving skin tone.
60 minutes......$55